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NLP (or Neuro-linguistic Programming) and Time Line TherapyT , like Hypnotherapy,  are extremely effective and bring rapid results.  We have provided some basic information about each of these below.  For more information about NLP or Time Line TherapyT, please contact our office.
Neuro-linguistic Programming | Time Line Therapy

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is a branch of psychology that originated with the work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Bandler and Grinder found that successful people used unconscious processing to achieve that success.  The models that they developed allow us to help our clients achieve success.   It is in finding and then using a clients inner means for success which bring about change. Through the use of NLP we can also  help our clients use their successes as analyze their difficulties and work to create more effective ways of doing or seeing things. 

For example, when many people are nervous about something, chances are that the person makes them self nervous or intensifies the nervous feeling by mentally processing any combination of thoughts or pictures, some of which may be:

  • We encounter an unsure situation and make compelling internal pictures of what could go wrong.
  • We may talk to ourselves about everything that may not work.
  • We may come across a task that we have never done before but without really knowing whether or not we are able to accomplish that task, we tell ourselves - "I could never do that!"
Unfortunately, because our unconscious is very "literal", as we engage in this internal talk, our unconscious believes, word for word, what it "hears" and thus begins the spiral of potential failure and defeating behaviors.

With NLP, we can take charge of these internal experiences (visually and through words) and change them so that you are able to achieve what you want. 

Quite often, NLP provides immediate results,  and depending on the areas that you would like to enhance, change can occur within the first session.

Time Line TherapyT

Time Line TherapyTis a therapeutic technique created by Tad James. Time Line TherapyT, an extension of NLP,  helps us look at how we organize our memories  and how we view our past, present and future experiences, desires and expectations.  A Time Line TherapyT specialist uses guided talk as they take you back to your past or, forward into your future, in order to work on difficulties or problems.  Unlike many therapies, Time Line TherapyT does not require that you relive the memories of painful events in order to reach a happy resolve.

At ACCA, we firmly believe that it is not necessary to relive painful memories or traumas in order to overcome then.  We do everything possible to ensure that our clients do not relive these events and that they feel safe and as comfortable as possible as we guide them through personal growth.

For more information:
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