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Imago Relationship Therapy

The "Imago" is a composite image in the unconscious of the significant character traits and behaviors of childhood primary caretakers. By pairing us with an "Imago match" - an individual who is like our caretakers in emotionally significant ways - our unconscious drives us to re-create our childhood psychological dynamics in an attempt to heal the central wounds we carry. The process of Imago Relationship Therapy is aimed at using this context to transform relationships into a therapeutic encounter and fuel for each partner's psychological and spiritual self-completion.

A core skill is a three-part dialogue that breaks couples out of defensive and symbiotic relating and promotes differentiation and compassion for the other. Therapy is ultimately made obsolete as each partner becomes a skilled advocate and "container" for the other's growth process. The Imago process, when consistently applied in any relationship, has the potential to be a transformative journey toward mutual healing and maturation.

Imago relationship therapy is for people who...

  • Want to enrich a good relationship. 
  • Are just beginning a relationship 
  • Are in a difficult relationship and want to resolve long-standing conflicts. 
  • Are in serious distress and are willing to work to see if the relationship can work. 
Imago relationship therapy helps people...
  • Identify factors that lead to partner selection 
  • Develop a system for the safe expression of feelings 
  • By identifying ways for partners to heal old wounds and grow, re-establish the excitement and connection of partners' early time together 
  • Develop new communication skills which break destructive cycles 
  • Establish a deeper level of trust by increasing safety 
Imago relationship therapy is also for singles who want to...
  • Understand past relationships
  • Prepare for healthy relating 
  • Break destructive patterns 
  • Put old hurts to rest 

  • Create a satisfying and fulfilling relationship 

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