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Ericksonain Psychotherapy (Brief Therapy & Hypnotherapy)

The aim of psychotherapy is to help people to find fulfillment in their lives and to be able to relate to themselves and others, in ways which are comfortable, sustainable and functional within their own social and cultural setting. 

Often the actual structure of the problem is not perceived because unconscious defensive processes operate to shield us from the painful awareness.  These patterns of defense and avoidance lead us to invest our emotional energies and reactions in something whose core issue is clouded.  Since we then get a false representation of the problem - we are incapable of addressing and solving it properly - and discomfort continues.

Ericksonian Therapy involves working directly with a client's unconscious patterns allows more ready access to unconscious process.  Because we are working directly with the unconscious, we are able to bypass the limiting beliefs, defenses and patterns controlled by our conscious selves.  This direct path to healing permits the client to resolve conflicts and problems quickly.

Ericksonian Brief Therapy  Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
  • In the Ericksonian Approach, problems in all their painful detail need NOT be invoked in order for our clients to overcome them.
  • Unconscious process is far quicker and more powerful than our limited conscious mind and allows for quick resolutions to many problems.
  • No part of our conscious experience is without connections and associations of unconscious information and experience which is uniquely our own. 
  • We work with our clients to identify the unconscious signs and signals that identify the underlying difficulties and use these to gain new perspectives.
  • Interventions/suggestions are in the form of enabling statements or experiences of various kinds. 
  • Creates opportunities for the client to spontaneously arrive at new perspectives through energizing unconscious internal process.
  • Often the client has an awareness of something making a new sense or freeing them from an old limiting belief. 
  • Solutions are then truly the client's own.
  • The Therapist observes and incorporates the individual's own ways of perceiving and operating to access unconscious process and offer constructive suggestion at the most opportune moments. 
  • It is respectful of the very individual ways that each of us uses our awareness and imagination to access therapeutically useful states.
  • It is a creative, relaxed and naturalistic procedure which is often experienced more like an unusually clear and pleasantly focused conversation. 
  • The Therapist guides the exploration of your own thought processes. You learn to access more powerful unconscious abilities to keep yourself healthy and solve your problems - now and in the future.
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Since process and not content is the main focus, at no point in therapy or in the healing process is it necessary to re-experience the pain of the past.

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