School Psychology

Our staff understands school systems, effective teaching and successful learning.  We use our specialized training and skills in both psychology and education to team with educators, parents, and other mental health professionals to ensure that every person, no matter their age, learns in a safe, healthy and supportive environment.

Because we recognize that the needs of each client are unique, we tailor our services to each individual situation.

Some of our areas in which we can help: ?Gifted ?Learning Disabilities including Dyslexia ?ADD/ADHD ?Behavior/Emotional Problems ?Performance Enhancement ?Sports Psychology

The variety of services include:

Testing for: ?Learning Disabilities including Dyslexia ?Learning Aptitudes ?Gifted ?Achievement ?Personality and emotional development

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Prevention ?Identify potential learning difficulties ?Help to devise and recommend programs for children at risk of failure ?Provide parents, the child and teachers with the skills to cope with disruptive behavior

Intervention ?We work directly with the children and their families ?We help solve conflicts and problems in learning and adjustment ?Our office provides psychological counseling for individuals and groups ?We provide individual and group social skills training and parent education; as well as behavior management and other strategies ?We provide learning enhancement groups in listening comprehension and reading comprehension, spelling and study skills for all ages ?We help families and schools deal with the various crises faced today ?Through advocacy, we work with the families and the schools to provide an optimal learning environment.

Consultation and Training

?We provide training, workshops and seminars

?We represent the child’s best interest during school meetings, IEP’s etc.

?Phone consultations are available upon request.

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