Psychotherapy and Counseling

All children, adolescents and adults face problems from time to time. They may:

  • Have problems with following directions
  • Not be confident
  • Have fears about starting school
  • Manage their time poorly
  • Hate to read
  • Wish they could spell better
  • Fall behind in their work
  • Be upset about family events such as divorce and death
  • Feel isolated
  • Feel depressed
  • Lack self-discipline
  • Experiment with drugs or alcohol
  • Think about suicide
  • Lack study skills
  • Worry about their sexuality
  • Face a tough decision about college or work
  • Consider dropping out of school
  • Not be aware of their aptitudes and abilities

Our practice is based on identifying the issues quickly and helping the client to quickly resolve them.  Given the methods we use, and our many years of experience working with clients, it usually doesn’t take us long to help someone get to the heart of what is going on.  While each person and situation are different, our clients routinely see improvement within a considerably short amount of time and often can move through long carried issues in a few sessions.

We offer Psychotherapy and Counseling services for children, adolescents and adults of all ages,  providing services for

  • Individuals (all ages)
  • Families
  • Couples
  • Groups

ACCA provides comprehensive behavioral and emotional health services for:

  • Personal Issues
  • Stress & Conflict
  • Divorce
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Performance enhancement
  • Social skills development
  • Traumas
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Phobias
  • Codependency

To learn more about some of the methods and techniques we use, click on the links below.

Family Systems
Imago Relationship Therapy
Filial Therapy
Parent Education
Common Sense TherapyT & Perspective TherapyT
Ericksonian Psychotherapy (Brief Therapy & Hypnotherapy)
Neuro Lingusitic Programming (NLP)
EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Group Therapy
  Social Skills
  Learning Enhancement
  Self Esteem

To schedule an appointment with one of our School Psychologists or Psychotherapists, or to request more information, either give us a call or send us an email:

To schedule an appointment or ask questions call our office: (407) 629-9003(407) 629-9003

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