Our Speaking Engagements

Denton M. Kurtz M.ED., LSP, LMHC has conducted a wide assortment of workshops, training sessions and seminars throughout his career.  His expertise and knowledge has been called upon by syndicated Newspapers nationwide. Some of the speaking engagements that Mr. Kurtz has conducted in 2002 include:“Our Children Deserve Better”In this presentation, conducted at the International Conference. of the Learning Disability Association of America (LDA) in Denver Colorado, Mr. Kurtz outlined the failure of the specific learning disability programs in the public schools to remediate those who have been identified with the various forms of learning disabilities.He presented the research findings on the scientifically based research in reading which has demonstrated that as many as 40% of the children in the specific learning disability programs could be remediated, if they were given intensive, one on one treatment in as little as 67.5 hours.

He mentioned the work of the Kurtz Center for Cognitive Development, which has been performing this type of remediation for the past 16 years and also the newly formed Learning Disability Institute which is a 501 (c)(3) non profit group designed to train trainers and instructors in these approaches.

“BYOK Bring Your Own Kid Media Weekend”  at the Horizons  Marriott Vacation Club This event was for writers from various children’s publications and major newspapers in the country. News Media were given the opportunity to learn about Marriott’s Vacation Club program as well as information on how families can use vacation time to build stronger ties and connections within the family.

Mr. Kurtz’s Day 1 panel presentation discussed  Filial Therapy and how families can better connect with each other, with emphasis on providing parents with information on connecting with their children when going on vacation.

Mr. Kurtz’s Day 2 session consisted of an experiential workshop where all of the family members could interact using all of the techniques designed for greater understanding and for positive connection and development  for each family member.  The participants had great fun and talked about the insight that they had gained from the info., along with the useful ideas that they planned to take home.

Several of the writers and news media interviewed Mr. Kurtz and will be writing articles in the coming months regarding their new found knowledge and experience.

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